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Dear Sir, I wish to say, I appreciate you so much. When I first heard about you, my cousin had asked how my mother was doing. I told her that she wasn't doing too well, because she had a hugh bedsore that was dealing her much misery ( She suffered a stroke and is bedridden ).

She asked, " Have you ever heard of Health Renu"? Of course, I had not and she brought me and article that was published in a magazine. That article had your phone number. I called you and you took time to talk to me and advise me about the products and the care I needed for her.

Other products had not made progress. We then started using the Skin Renu Plus, Derm-All Gel & Skin Renu Lotion. Her bedsore was very large. It was approx. 9"x 6" across the lower back just above the tail bone and very deep. This bedsore had prevoiusly been treated for approx. two years without progress.
After one month of using the Health Renu Products the bedsore is only a third as big as it was before we began using the Health Renu products.

In the beginning the wound was so deep, it required two 4 x 4 gauze pads to fill the cavity. Now, one 3 x 3 gauze pad is too big. The wound is much smaller and is definitely closing.

You cannot know what this means to me & my family. I cannot thankyou enough for your help & time over the phone and by having these products available. If ever I can help by convincing someone who isn't sure they want to try this product, you may give my name and phone number. I will be happy to talk with them.

I am enclosing a picture of the wound as it looked before we started the treatment so you can see what I am referring to.

Thank you again! Mary Isbell 19876 U.S. Hwy 231 Pell City, Alabama 35125 Phone # 1-205-338-7253 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pass this on. It may help another family.
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1026 Newton Ave Ozark, Alabama 36360 Oct 5, 2000 Health Renu, Inc ATTN: Darrell Good Mr. Good, This letter is to let you know how much your Health Renu Products have improved my life. I was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago this past September. It was discovered that I was diabetic when I got an infection in a toe on my right foot. I thought I had a corn between my little toe and the one next to it. I tried several things to get it to heal (all the foot and corn remedies) and nothing worked. When I went to the doctor, he immediately put me on very strong antibiotics and my foot was treated for several days. Finally I was tested for diabetes, found positive and hospitalized for the infection in my foot.

I stayed in the hospital for 14 days before the infection was under control and then they decided to remove my toe as a precautionary move. This was done and 3 days later I was back home. The removal of my toe, even though such a small thing, was a traumatic experience and to learn that I was a diabetic was devastating. About a year after I lost my toe I developed ulcers on both of my big toes and went through eight months of whirlpool therapy to heal the ulcers. I went to the hospital for therapy every day for five months (to include Sat and Sun) and was finally able to cut down to four times a week, then two times a week and finally was released.

As I read articles and asked questions I begin to learn more and more about diabetic wounds and the healing process. One of the most important things I discovered after all this was your products. I read an article in the ALFA magazine about the Health Renu products and I had previously heard about Health Renu products. I decided to give it a try since I also have circulation problems as a result of my diabetes. I called you and you gave me guidance on what products to try. I started with your Skin Renu Plus and could immediately tell the difference in my lower legs. My legs actually felt warm when I applied the oil. This warmth in my lower legs was something I had not experienced in a long time.

I then used your Skin Renu Lotion in between applications of the Skin Renu Plus. The lotion really made a difference in my dry skin. I am so pleased with these two products. Because I am an animal lover, I own cats and dogs and will always own them. However, as a diabetic I really risk a lot if I am scratched by one of my animals and this does occasionally happen. When it does, I apply a very small amount of your emu oil (usually Skin Renu Plus) and the healing begins immediately. It never fails to heal even the largest of scrapes or scratches.

I depend so much on Health Renu's products. They have saved me endless hours of worry over just a small scratch or cut. I only wish I had known about your products when I first got the blister between my toes. That toe might have been saved. I recently ordered your nasal spray for sinus problems and it really works. My 12 year old nephew thinks it is great!! He uses it on a daily basis and is getting good results with his terrible sinus problems.

Keep up the good work and continue to bring out products that benefit people with problems caused by diabetes. I heard just last night on TV how devastating diabetes can be and how diabetes was rapidly increasing in the United States and that more and more people are discovering daily that they are diabetic. Your products can really make a difference in their lives, just as it has made a difference in mine. Thanks so much for caring!!

Sincerely Pat Wilkinson Ozark, Alabama _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ms. Wilkinson has given permission to pass this on and share with people who could be helped by her experience. Sincerely, Darrell Good Health Renu, Inc. H.R.I.

November of 1997 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The symptoms were constant pain day and night. Other symptoms were inflamed muscles and joints, sleeplessness, and redness of the skin. Also at night when I was in bed, if the inside part of my legs would touch together, my legs would have a severe burning sensation.

The best medication that the doctor could prescribe was Lodine XL, 400 mg. per day, at a cost of $43 every two weeks. The relief that the Lodine XL would give was very minor. It only helped relieve some of the redness.

The Health Renu Sports Medicine has given 100% relief from all symptoms of the fibromyalgia. I can also sleep at night again. I applied the Health Renu Sports Medicine once in the morning and once at night. It took two to three days for the product to begin to work. Once it began to work, I could go for two to three days with continued relief, day and night, before having to apply more of the Health Renu Sports Medicine.

Larry R. Harris

I am an RN who has worked for a hospice agency for the past seven years and home health before that. One of my patients had dry, itchy legs. Not only did the Health Renu products help the ailment, but the home health aide who applied it was relieved of dermatitis on her hands as well.

One patient who was terminal with congestive heart, subsequent renal insufficiency and diabetes had an ulcer on the ball of her foot. It measure 8mm in diameter and 3 mm deep. It was a clean hole that drained profusely. The doctors had given up on it a year and a half before. This patient also had thick, waxy semile plaques on his ears and face, and his arms and legs were covered with skin tears.

In four weeks, the hole in his foot had closed to only 3mm in diameter and was nearly flush. We were certain that it was new tissue because we could see the ring of original margin. His face and ears were smooth and clear of plaques, and his skin tears were much improved, …his family was amazed.

My director suggested a patient to me for a trial of Health Renu's Derma-All Gel. She was admitted to our program with old leg ulcers and severe cellulitis and scaling on her lower legs. The family reported that she had the large ulcer for years. This one measured 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches. It had a thick border of white, dead tissue. Despite having had routine home nursing visits for dressing changes, the doctor told them it was hopeless to heal the ulcers because of poor health.

We began applying the gel to the entire lower legs, and spread the gel on the non-stick they were using on the ulcers. The dressing was repeated two to four times daily. I visited her in 11 days. I was amazed, and the patient and family were thrilled. The severe inflammation was gone. The large ulcer had a nice clean border which now measured 1 1/4 inches x 1 3/4 inches. The ulcer is continuing to close. It has been one month since beginning treatment.

I anticipate that my hospice organization will use the products on a regular basis for our patients' needs.

Nadine Hartwig
Hospice of Marshall County

The Health Renu™ Skin Care products are prepared to meet the rising demand in geriatric skin and hygiene care well into the 21st century.

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The Health Renu skin and wound care products will not only help your friends, or loved ones, but because of ever rising costs in care and greater demands made by Medicare for more efficient care, you may be able to help your healthcare provider with a product that could save them time and and get wonderful results with the Health Renu products.

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